Why Is It Called Angel Food Cake?

Curious to know why it’s called angel food cake? It is a light, soft cake that is made with egg whites, and very little fat.

This fluffy, airy cake has been a favorite among many cake lovers and is enjoyed in many countries worldwide. According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the United States and Canada consume over 7 million pounds of angel food cake in a single year.

And the most popular flavor? Vanilla! So, why is it called angel food cake?

Let’s find out!

What is Angel Food Cake?

Angel food cake is a light, airy and sweet cake that’s made with egg whites, sugar and no butter or oil.

It’s also called an angel cake, foam cake and white angel food cake, and is especially popular in the USA and Canada.

Why is it Called Angel Food Cake?

It’s Light and Airy

The cake is famously light and airy, and this is said to be the reason for its name – as it was thought of as “the food of angels” due to its texture and fluffiness.

It’s Sweet

Another factor that could have led to its name is its sweetness – as some believed that it was sweet enough to be enjoyed by angels.

Butter, Fat and Oil Are Not Used in It

Unlike most cake recipes, butter, fat and oil are not used in angel food cake, and due to its “purity”, this could have been another contributing factor for its name.


The exact reason why angel food cake was named so is unknown but likely was because of its light and airy texture, its sweetness and the fact that it doesn’t contain any butter, fat or oil. All of these factors together likely led to it being associated with angels and hence, being called as such. Citation URL: https://www.

tasteatlas. com/angel-food-cake

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