Why Is It Called An Egg Roll?

If you love Chinese take-out, you’ve probably seen the name “egg rolls” on the menu. Have you ever wondered why it’s called an egg roll and not something else?

Egg rolls are a delicious Chinese snack that have been around for centuries, and their intriguing name will leave you wanting to know more. Read on to find out why it’s called an egg roll and how it became such a popular snack!

Why Is It Called An Egg Roll?

Egg rolls are a popular and crispy appetizer from Asian cuisine. But why are they called egg rolls?

Egg rolls get their name from their most common ingredients – eggs and vegetables that are rolled in a flour-based wrapper.

The History of Egg Rolls in Asia

It is believed that egg rolls have been around for centuries, but the modern version we eat today gained popularity in the mid-1900s.

Egg rolls were born in China but were different, in that they were filled with minced meat, scallions, bamboo shoots and cabbage.

The Evolution of Asian Egg Rolls in The Americas

As people migrated from different regions, they brought their own recipes with them.

Asian egg rolls evolved in the United States, taking on a different form than their cousins in the old country. American egg rolls had different fillings, often contained onion and tiny bits of chopped-up vegetables, but are still very much in line with traditional Chinese egg roll fillings.

Egg Rolls Getting an American Identity

The American egg roll saw a major change when it came to the wrapper.

In China, egg rolls typically use a flour-based wrapper, whereas American egg rolls started to use a wrap that was closer to a pastry dough. The pastry-style wrap gives the egg rolls a flakier, crisper shell and has made the American version a classic.


In conclusion, egg rolls have had a long history in Asia, evolving over time as different traditions, cultures, and people played a part in shaping their current form. Now, we can enjoy a delicious modern version of the classic egg roll, with a variety of new flavors and fillings in the crispy pasty wrapper. Citation URL: https://www.

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