Why Is It Called Ahs Double Feature?

Did you know that American Horror Story has been one of the most watched show in the United States according to ratings? With over 20 million people tuning in each week, it’s no surprise that the show has a cult following. What you might not know however, is why it’s called a double feature?

The answer lies in the way each season of the show is presented- two episodes that get aired back-to-back each week, giving viewers a “double feature” of horror and suspense. So, let’s delve deeper into the phenomenon that is the American Horror Story double feature and understand why it’s so popular and successful.

Why is it called AHS Double Feature?

The American Horror Story (AHS) Double Feature is a block of programming airing on select Saturdays from 10pm to 2am (Eastern Time) on the FX network. The block consists of two full back-to-back episodes of some of the most popular shows from the AHS series.

Series History

The AHS Double Feature began airing in October 2020. It was part of FX’s plan to gain more viewers and make the AHS series more accessible to those unfamiliar with the show.

Initially, the block featured the first two seasons of American Horror Story: Murder House and Asylum. AHS: Coven and Freak Show were added in December 2020. FX also promised to add more seasons in the future.

Why is it called AHS Double Feature?

The AHS Double Feature gets its name from the concept of a movie “double feature”, in which two movies are shown back-to-back in a theater.

Since the AHS Double Feature consists of two full episodes airing concurrently, it has the same concept as a double feature. The idea of the AHS Double Feature is that viewers can easily access two episodes at the same time. This makes it easier for viewers to catch up with the show and become more familiar with the characters and plotlines.

Additionally, those who are already familiar with the show can easily watch back-to-back episodes without having to wait for new episodes to air.


The AHS Double Feature is a great way for FX viewers to stay up-to-date with the show and easily watch two episodes back-to-back.

As more seasons are added to the block, viewers will be able to access more content and get a better sense of the AHS universe. Citation URL: https://www. fxnetworks. com/shows/american-horror-story-double-feature https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Movie_double_feature

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