Why Is It Called A Trap House?

Welcome to the mysterious world of trap houses. Have you ever wondered why some places are called trap houses? Well in this article we will examine this important question and explore the history and implications of the term trap house.

So let’s dive in and see what the answer is to this interesting question and understand why it has earned its unique reputation.

Why is It Called A Trap House?

A trap house is a slang term that has become more popular in recent years, particularly in rap music and hip-hop culture.

It is used to describe an illicit residence where drugs are sold illegally and shady activities take place. It is typically located in a rundown or abandoned house, and the criminals involved in these activities can be referred to as “trappers”.

The Origins of Term

The origins of the term ‘trap house’ are a bit murky.

Some believe that it is a reference to ‘trapping’, a form of hustling or selling drugs, first recorded in the United States in the late 19th century. Others believe the term comes from ‘trap music’, a genre of hip-hop created by Southern-based rappers in the mid-2000s, which has been referred to as the sound of the South.

Trap House Activity

An individual operating a trap house typically has a certain hierarchy in the hierarchy. For example, the trap house might be run by a “kingpin”, who is responsible for several people in the trap house. The kingpin typically takes care of the financial aspects of running the trap house, such as buying supplies and selling narcotics.

Along with the kingpin, there are also “foot soldiers”, who are responsible for dealing drugs and collecting payment. A trap house might also have its own security, such as a “door man”, to ensure that no one enters without permission.


A trap house is a drug-peddling residence associated with the hustling culture of rap and hip-hop, where activities are conducted illegally. While it isn’t clear precisely where the term ‘trap house’ originated from, it has become commonplace in the rap and hip-hop subculture. Those operating trap houses will usually have a certain hierarchy, with a kingpin at the top and foot soldiers dealing drugs and collecting payment.

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