Why Is It Called A Soul Patch?

The soul patch – a small square of facial hair just below the lower lip – is the subject of much fascination and lore. From the jazz greats of the ’50s and ’60s to the rebellious punkers of the ’90s and beyond, this furry little square has been a badge of honor and a source of cool for all who sport it.

But have you ever wondered why it’s called a soul patch? Whether you’re curious about the history and meaning behind the sou patch or looking for ways to express your own individual style, this article has you covered!

Why is it Called a Soul Patch?

Packaging together the rugged looks of a facial accessory, the soul patch is the most misunderstood beard style in existence.

It’s a heard-but-seen, small rectangle of hair under your or someone’s lower lip, typically paired with a mustache. Most people refer to any patch of facial hair under the lower lip as a soul patch, but it goes under many different names—like “Flavor Savor”, “Mouche” and “Jazz Patch”. So why is it called a soul patch?

History of the Soul Patch

The soul patch dates back to the 1930s, when it became the signature look of iconic jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong, Charlie Barnett, Pat Patrick, Tubby Hayes and Roy Eldridge, who grew a small but statement-making patch of facial hair beneath their lower lips. A few of these jazz legends even mentioned wearing this facial hair style, becoming the inspiration not just for a decades-long reign as a facial hair fashion trend, but also the moniker “soul patch. ”

Celebrities Wearing A Soul Patch

You can find celebrity enthusiasts for this facial hair style, such as actor Owen Wilson, artist Halsey, actor Jason Segel, model Lucky Blue Smith, singer Kanye West and even comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Apart from these celebrities, the singer-songwriter Timbaland and rapper MC Hammer also rock the soul patch. To master this iconic facial hair style, all you will need is some equipment such as a razor, trimmer, beard scissors, comb and clipper guards in your facial hair care kit.


The soul patch has been around for decades and is the signature go-to look of unique facial hair styling. While some men choose to wear the mark of the jazzmaster, others look to the more traditional, slightly longer mustache-soul patch combo. No matter how you go about it, the soul patch is sure to give you a look that’s stylish, sophisticated, and most importantly, unique.

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