Why Is It Called A Prince Albert?

Have you ever thought about why it is called a Prince Albert Piercing? This piercing is one of the most popular body modifications of all time and is familiar to many people, yet not many actually know its origins or why it is named after the British Monarch, Prince Albert.

We explore the history of this piercing and how it became so widely known and accepted today.

Why Is It Called A Prince Albert?

The “Prince Albert” is a piercing of the penis, known for its visual appeal. This iconic piercings dates back centuries, with its namesake originating from the 1800s.

So why is it known as the “Prince Albert”?

First Reference of the Piercing

The first recorded reference of the piercing is believed to be in 1862 due to anatomy illustrations in The Roman System of Anasthesia.

The drawing shows a man with a curved barbell inserted in the side of his penis.

Prince Albert

The piercing has been associated with the man known as Prince Albert since the early 1800s.

The piercing was associated with Albert because it reflected his particular style and general public perception of him as a man. Prince Albert was the husband of Queen Victoria and is highly regarded to this day for his sense of fitness, style and fashion. He was known to manage the Royal Household and created a legacy for the Victorian era.

The Piercing Comes to America

The “Prince Albert” piercing made its way to the United States in 198 It gained popularity in the LGBT community, due to the visual appeal that it held. Now, the piercing has become increasingly popular with all sexes with many young people who have done their research wanting to get the piercing themselves.


The “Prince Albert” piercing is named after the husband of Queen Victoria of England. It originates back to the mid-19th century and has become a popular, visually appealing piercing for today’s youth.

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