Why Is It Called A Poop Deck?

Welcome to the wonderful world of sailing! Have you ever been out on the open seas, seen a tall ship, and wondered what this is called —‘poop deck’?

If so, you’ve stumbled upon an interesting maritime tradition. In this article, we’ll take a look at the surprising history behind why this particular spot on the deck of a ship is so named after, and why it’s so important to sailors. So buckle up!

You’re about to embark on a nautical journey of discovery.

Why is it called a Poop Deck?

The poop deck of a ship is the raised deck at the stern of the ship, usually located above the captain’s cabin.

It is so named because of its docking location at the back of the ship, facing out over what would be the “poop,” or stern of the vessel. The poop deck was originally developed around the late 1300s and is thought to have origins in the Venetian word for “stern,” “pupo”. This word eventually evolved into the English word “poop”.

The poop deck is an important feature of a sailing ship, as it is often the highest point on the vessel, providing a good vantage point for the navigator to take in the surrounding area. It is also used for a variety of activities, like holding ceremonies and celebrating special occasions.

Function as a Navigation Deck

The poop deck can be used as an observation deck, allowing someone to stand at the highest point on the ship and look out over the horizon to scout potential land or obstructions. This is often done by the captain of the vessel, who will look out and use what he sees to navigate his ship.

Ceremonial and Social Events

The poop deck is often used as an area to host ceremonies and other special events.

It is a popular spot for special occasions and celebrations, as it is easily accessible, and the higher vantage point provides a better and more picturesque view for spectators.


As a raised deck from the stern of the ship, the poop deck is an important part of a sailing vessel. It has been used for various activities, like navigation and hosting social events, for hundreds of years.

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