Why Is It Called A Pick 6?

Welcome fellow Football fans! Have you eyes ever wondered why it’s called a Pick 6 in Football? A Pick 6 is a term used in Football referring to an interception returned for a touchdown.

The name Pick 6 derives from a player who has “picked” off (intercepted) a football and then returned it for a touchdown. The Pick 6 is a play that packs a huge emotional punch and can affect the whole game.

It’s a big play that can turn the tide in any given game and the “Pick 6” phrase is one we hear throughout all Football games. So now that you know what a Pick 6 is, let’s dive into why it’s called a Pick

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Why is it called a Pick 6?

Pick 6 or ‘Six pick’ is one of the most popular lottery games in the world. The game has been around for quite some time and is often referred to by its original title, The Six Pick.

So why exactly is the game called a ‘Pick 6’?

The Origin of the Name

The term ‘Pick 6’ originated from the earliest versions of the game, where it was referred to as a ‘Pick 6’, however, the full term was not used until much later.

The origin of the name lies in the way that the game was originally played. Players would select 6 numbers from a card, which would then be randomly drawn.

This is why the game was known as a Pick 6, as the players would ‘pick’ 6 numbers.

The Game Today

Today, the game is still known as Pick 6, though the format has changed a bit. Now, instead of picking 6 numbers, players are required to ‘pick’ 5 numbers from a possible 69, plus an additional ‘powerball’ or bonus number between 1-2


Pick 6 or ‘Six Pick’ is a highly popular lottery game that has been around for many years. It has been given this name due to the fact that players must ‘pick’ 6 numbers in order to play the game. While the format of the game may have changed slightly over the years, the name has remained the same.

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