Why Is It Called A Pair Of Underwear?

Have you ever wondered why a piece of clothing like underwear is referred to as a “pair”? After all, underwear is one clothing article that we wear, rather than two.

It’s not quite like a pair of sunglasses or shoes, which are obviously two items that are sold in a set. So why is it called a pair of underwear? In this article, we’ll explore why this type of clothing is called a pair, and delve into the mystery of why underwear has such an interesting name.

So don’t miss out, read on to learn why we call underwear a “pair” of clothing!

Why is it Called a Pair of Underwear?

The term “pair of underwear” has been used to refer to a type of clothing that covers the intimate parts of your body for many years.

But why is it called a “pair”? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history behind the term and discuss how our modern concept of underwear as a clothing item changed over time. We’ll also explore why the term “pair” is used to refer to two pieces of underwear that are typically worn together.

The History of Underwear

Underwear has been around in some form since ancient times. In Ancient Greece and Rome, it was common for both men and women to wear linen loincloths — known as subligacula — to cover their more intimate areas. During the Middle Ages, women wore a shift (or chemise), which covered the entire body except for the head, arms and legs.

By the 16th century, underwear was becoming more varied in form. Women began wearing separate garments to cover their bosoms and intimate parts instead of the full-body shift.

Similarly, men began wearing breeches that only covered their legs and buttocks, leaving the rest of their body uncovered. This garment took the form of the drawers we know today.

The Invention of the “Pair”

When drawers were first invented, only one piece was worn, with a waist-style item of clothing worn over the top (think breeches and stockings). It wasn’t until the 19th century that this single garment was divided into two pieces. This was likely due to the development of tight-fitting stockings and the desire to have more comfortable clothes.

The invention of the “pair” was an important milestone in underwear history because it allowed people to choose different garments to suit individual needs and tastes. Women could now choose to wear drawers and a corset, while men could opt for a loose-fitting underdrawer and a waistcoat.

The Modern Concept of Underwear

Today, the term “pair” is used to refer to any two items of clothing that are intended to be worn together. This includes pairs of shorts, bras, and panties. The concept of a “pair” of underwear gives people the freedom to choose from a variety of styles and designs that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look.


So why is it called a “pair” of underwear? The term has been in use for centuries and is used to refer to two items of clothing that are meant to be worn together. This allows people to choose from a variety of styles and designs to create their perfect look. Citation URL:https://www. ancient. eu/loincloth/https://www. vam. ac. uk/articles/underwear-a-history

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