Why Is It Called A Green Room?

Have you ever wondered why it’s called a Green Room? This curious phrase can be found at the backstage of theater venues, film sets, music studios and more places all over the world! Almost 75% of theaters across the globe have a Green Room and over 10 million people have experienced one in the last year alone.

Now, what is the story behind this curious name? Read on to learn more about this unique and interesting phrase.

Why is it called a green room?

The term ‘green room’ is used to describe a location in a theater, studio or a production facility where all the performers, actors and staff gather before a show or performance. It features a number of amenities and is a cozy area to relax, practice, warm up and settle in before any event.

But where did the name come from and why is it called a green room?

The Color Green

The most widely accepted origins of the green room go back to the late 17th century theatres of England.

It’s believed that many of the larger venues had distinctive green colors on their interior walls due to the color choice being incredibly fashionable at the time. As this became a popular choice for venues, the rooms attracted the same name and were simply referred to as “green rooms”.

The Green Room as a Pre-Show Meeting Point

Often the green room was made available to performers, actors and theater techs as a meeting and relaxation space before the shows. Being the only room in the theater with a green color, it was quickly used to identify the entrance and soon, the name stuck and ever since, green rooms have been used in many theatres and studios.

More Than Just a Room

Today’s green room locations serve more than just as a pre-show gathering spot.

It’s generally a full-fledged lounge area with all the amenities you could ever need. The walls are still commonly green (though not always), and it’s the area where people can hang out, get some food or warm up near a fireplace between scenes.

Whether it’s a TV studio or a real theater, this room is a nice place for everyone, making the term “green room” even more fitting.


The green room’s name dates back to the 17th century, where it was named after the distinctive light green hues found on the walls of many theatres. This room then became a pre-show gathering point for staff and performers as it was the only room in the theater with such a characteristic green color.

Today, green rooms are much more than just a meeting point before any show, with a lounge area and all the amenities necessary to guarantee a comfortable experience. Citation URL:- https://www. theatrenerds. com/blog/what-is-the-green-room- https://thetheatretimes. com/why-is-it-called-the-green-room/

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