Why Is It Called A Glove Compartment?

Have you ever wondered why the storage space in your car is called a ‘glove compartment’? Chances are you’ve heard this term dozens of times in car assemblies, on repair shops, and in conversations amongst friends. Although it’s a household name, did you ever stop to think how this type of compartment got its name?

In this article, we will discuss the fascinating origin story of why it’s called a glove compartment and explore the implications of its popularity in modern automobiles. So keep reading to find out more about the mysterious name behind this useful storage container on your car!

Why is It Called a Glove Compartment?

The glove compartment is an essential part of a car, providing storage for small items you need to keep handy.

But why do we call it a glove compartment?

The Origins of Glove Compartment:

Before the invention of the car, horse-drawn carriages were used for transportation. To make use of the space provided, horse-drawn carriages often used a glove compartment to store gloves and other small items.

Modern Use:

Car interiors soon adopted the glove compartment design, as it provided easy access to items such as maps and sunglasses. In modern times, glove compartments are more commonly used to hold items like insurance documents and vehicle repair information.

Glove Compartment Hack: Utilizing the Space

Because of their size and shape, glove compartments are perfect for items that are not used all the time but which must be kept handy. You can make further use of the compartment by using small storage containers or trays to organize small items. Keep important documents in one container, tuck a few pens in another one, and store a small flashlight in a third.


The glove compartment continues to be an important part of the car interior even in modern times. Originally used to store gloves, they are now used to store important documents and small items.

Making use of a few storage organizers inside the glove box can help keep everything neat and organized. Citation URLs: https://www. autotrader.

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