Why Is It Called A Fanny Pack?

Welcome! Have you ever seen someone wearing a bag around their waist, and wondered why it was called a “fanny pack?

” We’ve all heard the term, but what does it really mean? In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the name “fanny pack” and why it has stuck around for so long. Let’s dive in and find out why this functional accessory has been dubbed “the fanny pack!

Why is it Called a Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack, a type of waist pouch, is a small and convenient bag that hangs stylishly beside the hips. A popular and timeless item, many don’t realize that the term “fanny pack” isn’t used the same across the world.

For the answer to why it’s called a “fanny pack”, follow this guide to learn more about this stylish bag.

The Word Assocciated with Fanny Pack

In the United States, the fanny pack is called a “fanny pack”.

This name, however, isn’t used in other parts of the world. In the United Kingdom, the item is referred to as a “bum bag”, a “belt bag” in Australia, and a “waist pouch” in India. This discrepancy of terms occurs because of the different meanings associated with the word “fanny” in different English speaking countries.

What Does Fanny Mean in the U. S.


In the United States, “fanny” is rarely used as an endearment. Rather, “fanny” is more often used to describe the area around the buttocks and genitals.

This makes the term “fanny pack” slightly crass for some. For some, proudly declaring that you own a “fanny pack” can evoke negative connotations, similar to the ones associated with words such as “bum” and “thong”.


The term “fanny pack” is American slang for the waist pouch item. The usage of this word can be a bit too crass for some, which is why it’s referred to differently in other English speaking countries. Whether you call it a fanny pack, a belt bag, or a waist pouch, this timeless accessory makes a fashionable statement wherever you go. So get out there and look fabulous with your new fanny pack! Citation URL: https://www. huffpost. com/entry/fanny-packs-different-words-Countries_n_5bf6ad0ce4b05f9c50ad6d5ehttps://www. britannica. com/topic/fanny-pack

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