Why Is It Called A Cowlick?

Have you ever looked at your reflection in the mirror and had to do a double take because of that oddly-shaped strand of hair that refused to lay flat? If so, you know exactly what a cowlick is.

But why on earth is it called a cowlick? It’s an intriguing question, one that requires us to trace back to the origins of the whimsically named hair anomaly – and in today’s article, that’s exactly what we plan to do. So let’s begin our journey into uncovering the reasons why it’s called a cowlick.

Why is it called a cowlick?

Have you ever stood in front of the mirror, frustrated at the weird lumps of hair in your head that no amount of combing or brushing can tame? This strange shape of hair on your scalp is called a cowlick.

But, why is it called that?

The Origins of the Word ‘Cowlick’

The origin of the word ‘cowlick’ dates back to the 1700s.

It is derived from the word ‘coole’ which was a Scottish dialect word that meant ‘arsed’ or ‘broken’. Since these lumps of hair lay flat or stand away from the scalp, it made sense to call them ‘coole’ or cowlicks.

What Causes Cowlicks?

Cowlicks are an anomaly in the growth direction of your hair. It can happen due to a few factors.

  • Genetics – Genetics influences the way your hair follicles grow in certain directions.
  • Gravity – The force of gravity also affects the direction in which your hair grows, often causing them to ‘kick up’ in odd directions.
  • Tension – Tension on our scalp and hair due to certain hairstyles and activities, such as when we tie our hair up, can also cause cowlicks.

How to Style Hair with Cowlicks

Cowlicks can be quite challenging to style if left untouched. If you want to get around these lumps of hair and make your hairstyle look better, here are some options to get started:
  • Start with wet hair – Wet hair is more manageable and tamer than dry hair which makes it easier to tame the cowlicks.

  • Keeping it Short – The shorter your hair, the easier it is to style around your cowlick.
  • Use a Good Hair Product – Lately, many products have come into the market that make managing a cowlick much easier. Try using a styling cream, a wax, or a pomade depending on the hairdo you wish to achieve.
  • Layering – Another great way to style cowlicks is to use it to your advantage and style your hair in layers. Create volume around these patches of hair and it can help you make your entire look come together nicely.
Cowlicks can be challenging to handle in your hairstyle. But, with a few tricks and guidance, you can make them look aesthetically pleasing. Remember to moisture your hair and be creative in the way you style. With a bit of effort, you can make cowlicks look chic. Conclusion: Cowlicks are an anomaly in the growth direction of your hair, causing them to kick up odd directions, and are often genetic or due to gravity, tension or styling. However, with a few tricks and the right products, you can successfully tame a cowlick and make it look chic and stylish. Citation URL: https://www. favola-hair. com/en/blogs/first-aid-for-problems-with-your-hair/why-is-it-called-a-cowlick-https://www. bhagatdxb. com/blog/the-story-of-the-cowlick

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