Why Is It Called A Club Sandwich?

Cravings for a club sandwich? Not sure why it’s called that? Have you ever wondered how such a delicious sandwich got its name?

It’s no surprise that this iconic American sandwich carries an interesting backstory! Join us as we unravel the mystery of why it’s called a “club sandwich”!

Why Is it Called a Club Sandwich?

Ever wondered why a club sandwich is called a club sandwich?

It turns out the answer is both simpler, and slightly more complicated, than you might have thought.

Origins of the Club Sandwich

The club sandwich is thought to have originated in the late 19th century, at the Saratoga Club-House, a New York social club that catered to affluent Americans. The chef at the club-house, a man called Charles Ranhofer, was known for his complex, extravagant concoctions and is thought to be the originator of the dish now known as the “club sandwich”.

The original 19th-century club sandwich is believed to have included either toasted or cold bread, anchovies, lettuce, olive oil, and mayonnaise, a far cry from its modern version. The earliest written documentation of the sandwich is thought to have appeared in The Epicurean, a cookbook by Charles Ranhofer, the chef of the Saratoga Club-house.

While we may never know exactly why the sandwich was given the name “club sandwich,” it is possible that it was due to the fact that the sandwich was created at a social club.

The Evolution of the Club Sandwich

The Club sandwich has gone through several iterations over the decades, with various chefs and restaurants each putting their own spin on the classic recipe. The most common modern versions of the sandwich usually include three layers of meat and two slices of bread, usually toast, and is usually accompanied by lettuce and mayonnaise.

At times throughout the 20th century, particularly during the 1920s, the sandwich was also served on “club rolls” which were egg-based and served warm. Variations of the club have also included different fillings. In the 1960s and 1970s, turkey and bacon were popular additions to the sandwich.


The exact origin of the club sandwich may remain a mystery, but we do know that it has evolved over the years from a simple three-layer sandwich to variations which include different meats, ingredients, and cooking styles. While the recipe for the perfect club sandwich may be subjective, it’s safe to say that the club sandwich is a classic dish which will remain a staple of restaurant menus for years to come.

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