Why Is It Called A Bullpen?

Could it have something to do with baseball? Could it have something to do with the old-fashioned stock market? Or is it just an old-timey name that’s stuck around?

The answer might surprise you: it has everything to do with baseball and nothing to do with the stock market! So why is it called a bullpen?

Let’s dive into the history books to find out.

What is a Bullpen?

A Bullpen is a baseball term that is used to refer to the area where relief pitchers warm up before they enter the field and relieve a starting pitcher.

Bullpens are typically located beyond the outfield boundaries of the field and are often enclosed in fences or walls. The purpose of a bullpen is to provide a safe warming up area for pitchers before they enter the field.

Why is it Called a Bullpen?

The term “bullpen” is said to have originated in the late 19th-century American baseball terminology. There are two primary theories as to the origin of this term. The first is the most commonly accepted one and states that the area was initially referred to as a “bullpen” due to its shape and structure resembling a “pen” used to contain bulls.

This theory has become more popular in recent times and is backed up by the design of certain ballparks with their bullpens reflecting the shape of a regular wooden pen. The second theory suggests that the term “bullpen” was originally coined due to the fact that it was used as a place to store “bull players”, or players who were considered inadequate by the team management.

The theory states that the managers stored those players in the area beyond the outfield and only used them when all the other players got injured or fatigued.

Bottom Line

It is true that there are two largely accepted theories regarding the origin of the baseball term “bullpen” but the exact origin still remains a bit of a mystery. Certain ballparks with the shape of their bullpens resembling a wooden pen, as well as the use of this area to store “bull players”, could very well be the origin of the term.

No matter its origins, “bullpen” has become an integral part of the American game of baseball.



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