Why Is It Called A Bar Exam?

Do you know why it is called a bar exam? The bar examination is a requirement for practicing law in most countries. Every year, more than 200,000 people take the bar exam in the United States in order to become lawyers.

But why is it called a bar exam? That’s what we’re here to answer.

The term “bar exam” first originated in England. In the 1800s, King George IV of England enacted an act that required lawyers to take an exam before they could practice law. In order to take the exam, prospective lawyers had to stand at the bar of the court, and so the test became known as the “bar exam.

” Today, the bar exam is essential for anyone who wants to practice law in the United States. In 2018, more than 95,000 people took the exam with a pass rate of around 73%.

Now, let’s find out more about why it is called a bar exam.

Why is the Legal Profession Test Known as a Bar Exam?

Being a lawyer may not be easy, but it’s a noble and respected profession in society.

To become a lawyer, one needs to pass several tests such as the Bar Exam. Ever wondered why it’s referred to as a Bar Exam?

The History of the Bar Exam

The term Bar Exam has been around since the 16th century when the English law courts were established.

To become a lawyer and get the privilege to practice law within a jurisdiction, the applicants had to swear an oath at the bar of the court which was essentially a wooden barrier and thus the term Bar Exam was coined. Today, a Bar Exam is a standardised test that is administered by a state, to candidates who wish to become successful lawyers.

These tests are organised on a state level, and applicants must pass to become eligible to practice law in their states.

What Do the Exams Test?

The Bar Exam tests the knowledge and proficiency of the applicants in legal matters and their readiness to work as a lawyer.

The exam usually consists of two sections; the multiple choice questions and the essays section. The multiple choice section tests the applicant’s knowledge of legal terms while the essay portion tests their ability to apply common law. In some states, the general law and jurisprudence exams must also be taken in order to apply for the Bar Exam.


The Bar Exam is an important test that must be taken in order to earn the privilege to practice law in a jurisdiction. Bar exams also ensure that lawyers are fit to practice and knowledgeable on their respective states’ laws.

The term “Bar Exam” is derived from the 16th century when prospective lawyers had to take an oath at the court’s bar. Citation URL: https://blog. online-law-tutors. com/why-is-it-called-a-bar-exam

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