Why Is It Called A Baby Shower?

Welcome and congratulations! If you’re expecting a baby or are an expectant parent, then you might have heard about the festivity known as a “baby shower”.

Have you ever wondered why this celebration is called the “baby shower”? If so, then we have got you covered! We’ll be discussing the origins behind the name of this special occasion and its evolution through time.

So, keep reading to find out why it’s called a baby shower and the cultural significance behind it!

Why is it called a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is usually a gathering of family and friends to congratulate a pregnant mother-to-be and to celebrate the impending birth of her baby.

But why is it called a baby shower? There are many theories about where the term “baby shower” originated, some of which are quite interesting. Each theory has a slightly different spin on the origin of the baby shower.

Theory 1: 11th Century Baby Recipe

One explanation is that the tradition of a baby shower originates from an 11th-century German proverb which states that rivers of wine and whiskey should accompany the birth of a baby. This would ensure the health and long life of the new baby.

Theory 2: Ancient Cultures’ Celebrations

Another explanation traces the origin of the baby shower back to ancient cultures from North America, Africa, and Asia. In these cultures, mothers-to-be were showered with gifts to welcome the arrival of their baby. Many believed that these gifts helped to create a strong bond between the mother and her unborn baby.

Theory 3: Victorian-Era Celebrations

A third explanation points to the Victorian-era where a woman’s “miscegenation ceremony” was held. This ceremony was similar to a baby shower but instead was a conjoining of the two families.

It was a celebration of love and commitment to each other.


Regardless of what actually sparked the name, today a baby shower is primarily held to celebrate the impending arrival of a baby and shower the parents-to-be with gifts. Today’s baby showers have come a long way from their ancient predecessors, but everyone can agree that a baby shower is a momentous way to mark the arrival of a new life.

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