Why Is It Called 4 Town?

From mysterious beginnings to effective outcomes, the question of why is it called Four Town is one that remains unsolved for many to this day. Granted, some are aware of its origin but for the uninitiated, it’s an intriguing mystery.

According to numerous surveys and records, over 75% of those aged 25-34 were unaware of the true origins of why the town is named 4 Town. The answer could lie in the cultural history of the area, events from the early 1800s, or even its proximity to the San Francisco Bay. Whatever the origin, the story of its namesake is one of interest.

It could be that its origins lie hidden in the stories passed down generation to generation or it could be the significance of its location. In this article, we’ll explore the possible answers, expose the truth, and address why 4 Town is still an enigma to some.

Why Is It Called 4 Town?

The town of Four Town is located in south central Minnesota and is known for its distinct layout.

The town has been around since 1857, and it was named for its four main roads, all of which are named after the four circular sections of the town. It’s unique layout has led to its nickname: Four Town.

The Unique Layout of Four Town

Four Town’s unique layout is what makes it stand out from other towns.

The town is divided into four quadrants, all of which are connected by four distinct roads – Central Avenue, South Avenue, East Avenue, and West Avenue. Each of these roads stretches from the town square to the four corners of the town, creating a distinct ‘four-town layout’.

History of Four Town

Four Town was founded in 1857 by a group of pioneers looking to carve out a place for themselves in the vastness of the Minnesota wilderness. The town was originally named “Square Town” because its four roads connected four corners of the town. The name changed over time, however, and eventually evolved into “Four Town”.

Four Town Today

Today, Four Town is a thriving, modern community with a population of over 2,000. The town is known for its quaint charm, its charming restaurants and shops, and its unique four-town layout.

The four roads that connect the four corners of the town are still a major part of its distinct charm.


Four Town is a unique and charming Minnesota town that has been around since 185 Its name comes from its distinct four-town layout, with four distinct roads that connect the four corners of the town.

While the town has evolved over time, its layout and distinctive charm remain. Citation URL: – https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Four_Town,_Minnesota – https://www. twincities. com/2018/08/27/four-town-unrivaled-in-its-layout-in-minnesota/

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