Why Is Illinois Called The Land Of Lincoln?

Illinois has a long and proud history, which is why it’s known as ‘The Land of Lincoln. ‘ Not only was Illinois the birthplace of one of the country’s greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, but it was also home to the Great Illinois Migration of the early and mid-1800s, which established the Illinois community and allowed it to flourish.

In this article, we’ll explore why Illinois is so strongly associated with Abraham Lincoln and take a look at the rich history of this amazing state. So, without any further ado, let’s explore why Illinois is known as ‘The Land of Lincoln!’

Why is Illinois Called the Land of Lincoln?

Illinois has been historically known as the Land of Lincoln due to its close association with the 16th U. S.

President, Abraham Lincoln. Illinois is located in the U.

S. Midwest and was an important state in the birth and development of Lincoln. He was born in Kentucky and his legal residence was in Indiana, however he would make Illinois his actual home, and serve the most significant portion of his political career there.

Early Years of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois

Abraham Lincoln lived in Illinois for more than 25 years before becoming the 16th President of the United States in 186 He arrived in the state in 1830, and as a young man, settled in New Salem, where he worked as a storekeeper, surveyor, postmaster, lawyer, and militia captain.

He moved to Springfield, another community in Illinois, a few years later and joined the Illinois General Assembly in 183 In 1846, Lincoln was elected to the United States Congress, and in 1858, he would be the Republican nominee for the U.

S. Senate.

Importance of Lincoln to Illinois

Lincoln was a popular and significant figure in Illinois and is associated with several important milestones in the state’s history.

He delivered the famous “House Divided” speech in Springfield during the 1858 U. S. Senate election, and he was the one who introduced the first platform of the modern Republican Party. He was also a leader in the movement to abolish slavery and helped to promote the equal rights of African Americans.

Lincoln Memorial

In addition, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is located in Springfield, which serves to commemorate the legacy of the 16th President and honor his many achievements. The Lincoln Monument State Historic Site is also located in Springfield, and is the oldest state memorial in the United States designated to honor Lincoln.


Illinois has for a very long time been known as the land of Lincoln. It is a mark of respect for Abraham Lincoln and his many contributions to the state’s history. Lincoln was not only an important figure in bringing about the emancipation of slaves in the state but was also one of the leading figures in the political and cultural development of Illinois. Citation URL: https://www. illinoishistory. gov/histories/lincoln/background_essay. htmhttps://www. nps. gov/abli/index. htmhttps://visitabrahamlincoln. com/history. aspx

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