Why Is Honeymoon Called Honeymoon?

The word ‘honeymoon’ has been a part of human culture for centuries, but where did it come from and why is it called what it is? Today, we explore the history behind the term ‘honeymoon,’ and find out why it has been used to describe married couples taking a romantic trip ever since the Middle Ages. From ancient customs to modern traditions, join us as we uncover the mystery of the ‘honeymoon’.

Why Is Honeymoon Called Honeymoon?

Honeymoon has been the widely used word to describe the romantic holiday that couples take shortly after getting married.

It has been around since medieval times but the term was not used until the late 1600s and has a very interesting origin. The word has become synonymous with romantic getaways, and here is why.

Origin Of The Word Honeymoon

The origin of the word ‘Honeymoon’ is truly fascinating.

The term first appeared in 1552 in an English book, A Metamorphosis of Ajax, written by Richard Huloet, who wrote about a schoolboy who declared that he will only stay married for “half a moneth and a day… that men call “hony mone. ”The term gradually gained visibility in Europe: In India, it was referred to as “Moon-sun” in Old French and “Mon Plus” in 17th century Scotland, literally meaning ‘month more’ (or extra month) and ‘time spent with one’s beloved’ respectively.

Why Is Honeymoon So Named?

The reason why this term is so named is because it literally means ‘honey month’ or ‘sweet month’. The traditional honeymoon period was the month-long period immediately following a couple’s marriage and was during this month only that the newlyweds enjoyed the sweetness of their married life.

It was believed that the couple should spend the first month of their married life in seclusion and savour the sweetness of being in love and married. We have all heard of the ‘honeymoon phase’, the period of time after you start dating someone when everything is perfect and you can’t get enough of each other.

This period is actually said to be similar to the ‘honeymoon’ that couples used to enjoy in the medieval times.

Modern Honeymoon

Today, the meaning of ‘honeymoon’ is still the same – couples go on a special holiday together, just the two of them, to celebrate their wedding and the start of their married life. However, the destination of choice has changed.

Instead of spending the honeymoon in seclusion, it is now a time when couples head out to different places to explore new destinations or old favourites.


To conclude, honeymoon is a term that has been used to describe the romantic holiday that couples take shortly after getting married since the late 1600s and it is derived from the medieval times when couples used to spend a month of seclusion in the sweetness of their love. Today, the term is still used to denote a special holiday for newlyweds but the destination of choice has changed. Citation URL:https://medium. com/@shoaibi/why-is-honeymoon-called-honeymoon-d76a81539f6https://www. essentially. in/blog/why-is-honeymoon-called-honeymoon/

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