Why Is He Called Joe Shiesty?

Have you ever heard of the sensational rising hip hop artist, Joe Shiesty? This young rapper has taken the music industry by storm in recent years and his fame is only expected to grow in the coming years. Ever wondered why he is titled ‘Shiesty’ as part of his stage name?

What does this name represent? Let us take a look into the world of Joe Shiesty and explore further the origin of his unique title.

Who is Joe Shiesty?

Joe Shiesty is an American rapper from Atlanta. He is best known for his singles “Gleem” and “Big Drip.

” He is also a songwriter and producer.

Why is Joe Shiesty Called Joe Shiesty?

Joe Shiesty earned his rap name by being fearless, bold and daring. He has a certain edginess to him that stands out when he raps and is visible in his lyrics and fashion choices. His moniker of Joe Shiesty represents his fearless and daring attitude and reflects his no-nonsense personality.

Music Style and Fashion Style

Joe Shiesty has an aggressive and passionate rap style. His lyrics and sound emphasize his authenticity and originality, shedding light on his South Atlanta origins.

He also has an eye-catching fashion style that stands out in his music videos. His iconic “lean” caps often worn back-to-front and statement sunglasses reflect his confident attitude.

Joe Shiesty’s Success

Joe Shiesty’s early success was propelled by his collaborations with fellow soundcloud rapper Lil Gotit.

In 2020, he was announced as a signee for Gucci Mane’s label, 1017 Eskimo Records. His debut album, ‘Shiesty Season’, peaked at number 5 on the Billboard 200 and has been met with critical acclaim from fans and critics alike.


Joe Shiesty stands out from other rappers with his bold and daring attitude, passionate rap style and iconic fashion choices. His no-nonsense demeanor has allowed him to become one of the most successful up-and-coming rappers in the industry, earning himself the title of Joe Shiesty in the process.

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