Why Is He Called Based Stickman?

Do you know why the superhero Based Stickman is called so? Based Stickman is a cultural phenomenon that has become increasingly popular over the last few years.

He has over 1 million followers on social media, more than 10 million views on YouTube, and even his own comic book series. But why is he called “Based Stickman?” Well, to answer that, we need to take a deeper look into the origins of this superhero.

Why Is He Called Based Stickman?

Created by artist GoldenKrown and popularized by YouTuber OhBoyPrince, “Based Stickman” is a fictional character representing the spirit of resilience, defiance and revolution. He is a prominent figure in the battle against police brutality and racism in America.

So, why is he called Based Stickman?

Creating The Stickman

The Based Stickman character first originated during a 2016 protest in Oakland, California, in response to the killing of unarmed African-American citizens by police officers.

During the protest, GoldenKrown drew a 5 foot tall stickman with his head and body covered in the Kente cloth, a traditional African fabric. The stickman was painted with the slogan “OAKLAND IS OURS!

!!” to express the protesters’ refusal to be pushed out and marginalized.

This “Based Stickman” inspired GoldenKrown to immortalize him digitally and the artist decided to share this on the internet. With the help of OhBoyPrince, a popular YouTube musician, the character and its message gained popularity, going viral among the U.

S and beyond.

Meaning And Symbolism

The character of Based Stickman carries several meanings and community values as well. The Kente cloth stands for black power and African pride, while the phrase “Oakland is ours” represents the residents’ vigilance and ownership of their home.

The depiction of “Based Stickman” as a defiant stick-figure, lack of physical details like facial features and stature, and the phrase “Base” suggest that the character is not so much a concrete, defined person – but a spirit of perseverance and revolution that can be manifested in all of us.


Based Stickman is an iconic representation of both protest and progress. He is a symbol of black pride and strength of will, a physical manifestation of the fight against racial injustice and inequality. It is no wonder that this character has resonated with so many people and ignited conversations around the world. Citation: https://www. aaloc. org/based-stickman/https://blackgirlmagik. org/2020/09/15/based-stickman/

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