Why Is Hannah Called Chadha On Big Brother?

It’s a common question amongst viewers of Big Brother – why is Hannah called Chadha on the show? It’s not that uncommon to come across contestants who have changed their names while entering the show, and this seems to be the case with Hannah, who chose to go by the name ‘Chadha’ during her stint on the reality show. In this article, we will explore the reasons why she did so (and whether it was an intentional move or not).

The answer might surprise you! So buckle up and let’s dive into this mystery together!

Why is Hannah Called Chadha on Big Brother?

Hannah Chadha is an official housemate in the twentieth season of the American reality show, Big Brother.

The show has been on air for more than 19 years and continues to produce highly-rated episodes. As a result, its contestants are household names. But why is Hannah Chadha called Chadha on Big Brother?

Her family background

Hannah Chadha comes from a Sikh family. As part of her religion, her family offered her a distinctive surname, which would identify her connection to the Sikh faith. This tradition, known as the ‘Chadha’ surname is common among Sikh families.

Many of the famous Big Brother contestants have taken on the Chadha surname.

Her educational background

Hannah Chadha graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

She also has an MBA in Business Administration from the Wharton School. In addition, she has worked in several prominent companies, most notably in the television industry.

Consequently, she has an extensive knowledge of business and financial management.

Benefits of using Chadha surname

There are several advantages to using the Chadha surname. For one, it is a part of her culture, helping her stand out from other contestants and making her story more interesting.

Second, it is a way for her to identify with her heritage and is also a reminder of her religious roots. Lastly, it allows her to showcase her knowledge of Sikh customs, which can make her a more interesting contestant.


Hannah Chadha is a housemate on the twentieth season of Big Brother and is currently competing for the title of top housemate. To represent her culture, she has adopted her family’s surname, Chadha. This surname gives her a unique identity, allowing her to stand out from the other contestants and recognize her heritage. Additionally, she has an extensive knowledge of business, which makes her a great candidate for the show.

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