Why Is Golden State Called The Town?

Did you know that California is the most populous state in the U. S.

, and that it is sometimes referred to as the “Golden State”? But why is California called the “Golden State”? That’s a great question.

At the time of writing, the population of California stood at nearly 40 million people, a population which has grown by an average of 6% annually in the past decade.

With such astounding figures and an economy the size of the fifth-largest in the world, it’s certainly an interesting question to answer. So, let’s dive into why California is called the “Golden State” and what other interesting facts you should know about it.

Why is Golden State Called the Town?

Golden State is officially known as the “State of California” but is often referred to as the “Golden State” due to its sunny and warm climate and landscape. The term “Golden State” is believed to have been first used by author and historian, James Marshall, in 184

Marshall wrote in his publication, ” California and the Californians,” that California was the “Golden State,” referencing its bright climate and abundant resources. The California State Senate officially adopted the term “Golden State” in 1968 as its official state symbol.

The state legislature also chose to recognize the golden poppy (Eschscholzia californica) as the official state flower. It is said that the poppy symbolizes the state of California’s gold-seeking history. Golden State is a nickname primarily used by the citizens of California and those who travel to the state.

The nickname has become popular over the years, and is seen on several types of merchandise from t-shirts to hats.

Why the Nickname “Golden State” Stuck

The nickname “Golden State” has been part of the California identity for more than 150 years.

Over the decades, the term has been used in popular culture and by Californians to describe their state’s beautiful climate, scenic landscapes, varied terrain, and its diverse economy. The term is used to refer to California as an idyllic destination, and is used to conjure feelings of optimism and a bright future. The term is even used to refer to California as a “gold rush,” due to the influx of people heading to California in hope of striking it rich in the mid-1800s.


The nickname “Golden State” is deeply intertwined with the history and identity of California. The nickname is often associated with the “promise of a brighter future” and the idea of California as an idyllic destination.

Californians take pride in their state and the nickname only serves to enhance the sense of identity for many Californians. Citations: https://www. visitcalifornia. com/style-guide/official-symbols/the-golden-state/https://www. statestoreonline. com/blog/california-history-nickname-golden-state/ https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/The_California_Poppy

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