Why Is Golden State Called The Dubs?

Do you know why Golden State is often referred to as the “Dub’s”? Well, the nickname is strongly linked to the impressive NBA success the team has achieved in recent years.

It is not only a nod to its accomplishments but also the sound that is heard when a player sinks a three-pointer, which is a semi-regular occurrence in games. Since 2014, the team has won three NBA championships and has famously gone an NBA-record 73-9 in the 2015–16 season! The term ‘Dubs’ has become a rallying cry, something that unites fans together in the spirit of success and greatness.

Why Is Golden State Called the Dubs?

The Golden State Warriors, more commonly known as the Dubs, are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Founded in 1946, the Warriors have been in the Bay Area since 1971 and have been a powerhouse in the NBA over the last decade.

But why are they called the Dubs?

Early Days as the Philadelphia Warriors

The team was originally founded in 1946 in Philadelphia as the Philadelphia Warriors.

The name went through an audit process by the NBA and was accepted since it distinguished the team from all the others in the league.

The Name Change to the San Francisco Warriors

In 1962, the Warriors moved to San Francisco and the team name was changed to the San Francisco Warriors. The main reason for the change was to align the team’s name with their new home.

Why Are They Called the Dubs?

In 1971, the Warriors moved across the Bay to Oakland and were known as the Golden State Warriors, as they were representing the entire state of California (“The Golden State).

People began referring to the team as “The Dubs” as a shortening of “The Warriors. ” The term “Dubs” quickly caught on and has been the team’s unofficial nickname ever since.


The Warriors have gone through a lot of changes in their history, but one thing that has stayed constant is the fans’ use of the term “Dubs” to refer to their beloved team.

It’s a nickname that has endured for almost 50 years and is now just as much a part of the Warriors’ identity as their three NBA championships.



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