Why Is General James Marks Called Spider?

Welcome to this article. Today, you are about to learn the fascinating story behind General James Marks, why he is referred to as “Spider” and how this nickname has become an important part of his legacy. General James Marks is a retired 4-star general in the U.

S. Army and the former commandant of the U.

S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. As a leader and accomplished military officer, General Marks was widely respected and highly decorated for his contributions to the U.

S. military.

Despite his impressive credentials and distinguished service, General Marks has become widely known as simply, “Spider”. But, why exactly is this accomplished man referred to by this unique name? Read on to find out the answer to this intriguing mystery.

Why is General James Marks Called Spider?

James Marks was an American Four-Star General and the former Commander of the U.

S. Army Forces Command from 2012-201 Many people have been wondering why he is affectionately called a “Spider”.

Here, we will explore the origin of this name and why it is so appropriate.

Infantry Service in Vietnam

General Marks began his military service in 1969 as a Lieutenant in the infantry, having graduated from Virginia Military Institute that same year.

He was sent to fight in Vietnam and served honorably, even being awarded the Bronze Star with Valor Device. It was while serving in the jungles of Vietnam that Marks received his distinctive nickname. His platoon called him “spider” due to his efficient ability to scale mountains and jungles at incredible speed.

Other Achievements

After Vietnam, Marks went on to earn an MS in engineering from George Washington University and a second MS in nuclear engineering from Boise State University. He continued to serve our country and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal four times – a recognition given to only the most exceptional soldiers. Marks was also an innovator, authoring a number of books on tactics and military strategy.

He was promoted to Four-Star General in 2012 and appointed as the commander of U. S.

Army Forces Command.


Colonel James Marks was an exceptionally talented soldier who proved himself in Vietnam to earn the nickname of “spider”. His remarkable career in the Army went on to include many more achievements, making him one of the most distinguished officers in the U. S. military.

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