Why Is Fury Called Gypsy King?

Is it destiny that Tyson Fury has earned his title as the Gypsy King? With the former unified heavyweight champion of the world defending the honor of the Romani people with his accomplishments in the ring—which includes a stunning sports comeback of the year win at the 2019 ESPN Awards—it has brought much-deserved attention to the long-neglected culture.

To understand the powerful symbolism behind Fury’s nickname, it’s essential to look at the hard-fought rise of both him and the Romani people. In the United Kingdom, for example, the population of British Roma and Travellers is estimated to have grown from 10,000 to a staggering 500,000 in the last three decades. In boxing alone, Tyson Fury has helped vault the number of world heavyweight champions of Romani descent to a whopping 4, with each titleholder adding to an already incredible story.

The Fascinating Story Behind Why Fury is Called “The Gypsy King”

In the world of professional boxing, there are many great champions. The one individual that has recently captivated the world with his charisma and showmanship is “The Gypsy King,” Tyson Fury. But why is Fury called “The Gypsy King?

”In this article we will explain the history and fascinating story behind why Fury is called “The Gypsy King” and market dominance as a professional boxer.

Family Heritage

The Gypsy King is not just a nickname for Tyson Fury, it is a reflection of his family history and heritage.

The Fury Family traces its origins to the nomadic tribe of European “romani” people, who are better known as gypsies. Tyson Fury has attributed his success as a professional boxer to his gypsy ancestry.

Tyson Fury’s Career

Tyson Fury made his professional boxing debut in 200 Throughout his astronomical rise to the top of the boxing world, he has been known to show off his dancing skills and his love of singing. He also wears traditional gypsy clothing and headgear when he steps in the ring, reflecting his gypsy roots.

The Gypsy King’s Iconic Fights

In 2015 Tyson Fury became the unified heavyweight champion, stopping Wladimir Klitschko in what has become one of the most iconic heavyweight championship fights in history. The win saw Fury become just the third heavyweight to simultaneously hold all four major title belts, proving that the “Gypsy King” had the skill, talent and determination to succeed in the face of adversity. In 2018, Fury fought world-class boxer Deontay Wilder in a highly anticipated heavyweight contest.

Fury once again proved his worth, displaying why he is called the “Gypsy King” by showcasing his superior boxing skills in the grueling 12-round fight, which ended in a draw.

The Gypsy King’s Legacy

Tyson Fury has achieved something very special by earning the distinction of being known as the “Gypsy King”.

After an incredible career and multiple title victories, Tyson Fury has established himself as one the best heavyweight fighters in the world, a distinction that will leave a lasting legacy.


Tyson Fury is called the “Gypsy King” for several reasons. His family history, boxing career, iconic fights, and his ability to overcome adversity, prove that Fury is an incredible fighter who will continue to leave his mark on the boxing world. With Fury’s career on the rise, he is sure to remain “The Gypsy King” for many years to come. Citation URL:https://bleacherreport. com/articles/1491265-why-is-tyson-fury-called-the-gypsy-kinghttps://www. heavy. com/sports/2015/11/tyson-fury-gypsy-king-ethnicity-heritage-background-hermansen-family-where-from/

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