Why Is Dr Disrespect Called The Two Time?

Dr Disrespect, otherwise known as the two-time, has become a massive success within the gaming community. He is a well known streamer, video content creator, and an esports entertainer.

With over 5 million and growing subscribers on Twitch and 5 million YouTube followers, it’s no surprise that he’s gained such popularity.

But why has he become so known as the two-time? In this article, we’ll be looking into what makes him the two-time and why he’s become such an acclaimed name in the gaming industry.

We’ll explore his background, take a look into his history, and try to determine why he’s called the two-time. Let’s get started!

Why is Dr Disrespect Called the Two Time?

The gaming world has its own legends, and it’s safe to say that Dr Disrespect, also known as Guy Beahm, is one of them.

With millions of fans and subscribers, Dr Disrespect has gained a cult following for his unique gaming style and quirky personality. But why is Dr Disrespect called the Two Time?

Early Gaming Career

Dr Disrespect began his career as a developer for Sledgehammer Games, until he left in 2010 to pursue a career in gaming.

He quickly gained a following for his unique gaming persona – an over-the-top character wearing a mustache, sunglasses and combat helmet. In addition to his remarkable shooting skills, his witty and humorous gameplay commentary is another factor that drew in viewers.

Hiatus and Return

In the summer of 2017, Dr Disrespect took a hiatus from the Twitch stream.

After two years of radio silence, Dr Disrespect emerged with a triumphant return and declared himself ‘Two Time’ in his first stream. It was then that fans began calling him the Two Time.

The Two Time Challenge

To commemorate Dr Disrespect’s comeback, he started a challenge, dubbed the ‘Two Time Challenge’. It was a two-week period where viewers would try to outplay him while competing against him.

Those who managed to win a match against the Two Time earned special badges and rewards. Since then the Two Time challenge has become a recurring theme in the community, and Dr Disrespect is fondly referred to as the Two Time by fans.


Dr Disrespect has become a gaming icon and his presence is felt across the gaming industry.

His comeback from hiatus in 2017 was hailed with great enthusiasm and he remains popular to this day. And it was during this triumphant return that his fans began calling him the Two Time. To this day, the phrase is used to honor Dr Disrespect and remind the audience that his comeback is a reminder of resilience. Citation URLS: https://www. rollingstone. com/culture/culture-features/dr-disrespect-interview-two-time-champion-789619/https://www. vice. com/en/article/78m7mv/dr-disrespect-started-his-comeback-tourney-to-earn-his-title-two-timehttps://www. polygon. com/2021/2/10/22267518/dr-disrespect-two-time-twitch-streaming-champion

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