Why Is Donald Cerrone Called Cowboy?

Donald Cerrone, also known by his nickname “Cowboy” is a UFC fighter who has been competing since 200 He has had an impressive UFC career, with over 57 professional fights and 36 wins. He has captured the hearts of many UFC fans over the years, but the question remains: why is Donald Cerrone called “Cowboy”?

In this article, we take a look at the origins of his nickname and its meaning. We’ll explore how Donald Cerrone has become one of the best and most popular UFC fighters in the sport and how he has earned his famous moniker.

Why Is Donald Cerrone Called Cowboy?

Donald Cerrone, also known as Cerrone or Cowboy, is one of the most popular and iconic mixed martial artists in the world.

He is well known for his outstanding performances in the Octagon, his huge fan base and of course his nickname Cowboy. But what exactly is the origin of such an interesting nickname?

Donald Cerrone’s Childhood

Donald Cerrone was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 198

He was an only child and always loved the outdoors. From a young age, his parents gave him a passion for rodeo, which is a sport where cowboys compete on horses, often performing dangerous tricks which require strength, agility and skill.

Cerrone’s parents instilled in him the cowboy mentality which he carries with him to this day. It is this mentality which he later applied to his professional career as a contender in the UFC and Strikeforce rings.

Donald Cerrone’s “Cowboy” Nickname

His parents’ influence, his personal appreciation for the western lifestyle, and his constant admiration for cowboy stories are the main reasons why Donald Cerrone embraced the nickname “Cowboy”.

Moreover, Donald Cerrone is a student of the game. He respects the culture and the values of his Western roots and credits his success to it. As he explains himself “I still have that cowboy mentality inside when I fight.

I have that agro, live fast die young attitude. I embrace it and I guess that’s why people call me Cowboy”.


It is clear that Donald Cerrone’s nickname “Cowboy” is deeply rooted in his upbringing, passion for rodeo, admiration for the Western lifestyle, and of course his competitive nature. His nickname perfectly captures his spirit, his look and his mentality, not just inside the Octagon, but in his everyday life.


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