Why Is Dallas Called Triple D?

Welcome and let’s explore why Dallas is known as the “Triple D”! This iconic nickname for the city has been around for years and is a testament to the vibrancy and modernism that Dallas has always been known for.

Let’s take a dive into the history of this incredible North Texas city and uncover why it has earned its pervasive nickname.

Why is Dallas Called Triple D?

Dallas, Texas is nicknamed “Triple D” due to its legendary expansion of deep dish pizza in the 18th century. The original pizza restaurant, Lou’s Dogs and Dough, was established in Dallas in 1912 and is thought to be the originator of the deep dish pizza.

Since then, Texan-style pizza has become iconic and Dallas is known for its delicious deep dish pies.

The Origin of the Nickname

The nickname of “Triple D” began to circulate around Dallas in the 1920s when the city was known for its delicious deep dish pizzas.

This pizza recipe quickly became popular within the city and locals began to refer to their beloved pizza as “Triple D. ” Eventually, the nickname “Triple D” was used to refer to the city of Dallas, an abbreviation for “Dallas, Texas, deep dish.

What Sets Dallas Style Pizza Apart From Other Pizza?

The most obvious point of difference between Dallas style pizza and most other pizza is the crust. It is unique in that it is thicker and taller around the edges, giving Dallas pizza a unique outer texture.

The crust is also not prepared with a traditional dough, but instead a type of biscuit-style dough is used to give it a unique texture and flavor. What really sets Dallas style pizza apart from other pizza is the fillings that are used. Traditional pizza is often topped with a variety of meats, vegetables and cheeses, but Dallas-style pizza is usually topped with a combination of spicy meats, sauces, vegetables, and jalapeno peppers that give the dish an extra kick of flavor.

Where to Get the Best Dallas Style Pizza?

You don’t need to travel far to find some of the best Dallas style pizza.

From Lou’s Dogs and Dough to more modern establishments like Coal Vines, Dallas has a plethora of pizza places that serve up some of the most delicious deep dish pies in the state. For those who don’t feel like going out, most pizza places now have delivery options to deliver hot, fresh pizza right to your door.


Dallas is nicknamed “Triple D” because it is the originator of the delicious deep dish pizza. Dallas-style pizza is unique in that it features a biscuit-style dough and a combination of spicy meats, sauces, vegetables, and jalapeno peppers. You can get some of the best Dallas style pizza at some of the oldest pizza restaurants in the city, or now with delivery options, you can have the best pizza delivered right to your doorstep. Citations: https://untappedcities. com/2014/09/12/small-bites-lous-dogs-and-dough-danta-dallas-original-pizza/https://www. thedailymeal. com/eat/coal-vines-marble-falls-texas/3https://www. tasteatlas. com/dish-4006/dallas-style-deep-dish-pizza

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