Why Is Charlotte Called The Queen City?

Welcome to the Queen City – Charlotte, North Carolina! Have you ever wondered how this beautiful city got its iconic nickname? Well, the story of Charlotte’s fascinating alias will take you back centuries and reveal the long-standing notions of pride and royalty that are infused with the culture of Charlotte.

Continue reading to learn why Charlotte is called The Queen City and its rich history that has made it an iconic destination.

Why is Charlotte Called the Queen City?

Charlotte is a bustling city, with a vibrant mix of culture, industry and people.

But it’s also known by another name – the Queen City. So why is Charlotte called the Queen City?

The Origin of the Queen City Nickname

The Queen City nickname was bestowed on Charlotte in the early 1800s by its early European settlers.

The settlers wanted to honor Queen Charlotte Stuart, the wife of King George III and the namesake of the city. The nickname has since been repeatedly associated with Charlotte and remains a part of the city’s identity to this day.

Charlotte’s Many Reasons to be The Queen City

Though it’s home to an estimated 876,620 people, Charlotte is more than just the 17th-most populous city in the United States – it’s the Queen City.

There are many reasons why Charlotte is deserving of its memorable nickname, including:

  • Charlotte has a rich and interesting history, making it a vibrant and unique city.
  • The city is a major hub for business, finance, and innovation.

  • Charlotte is home to a variety of attractions and attractions, including professional sports teams and the Bank of America Stadium.
  • Charlotte boasts one of the nation’s fastest-growing public school systems.

  • The city is known for its hot, humid summers and mild, wet winters.
Indeed, though the Queen City nickname is often associated with Charlotte, its rich history, diverse culture and strong economy are what truly make it worthy of the title.


Charlotte is rightly known as the Queen City.

The nickname was bestowed upon it in the early 1800s and has since been embedded in the city’s identity. Charlotte has plenty of reasons to be the Queen City, from its rich history and vibrant culture to its strong economy and strong school system. Charlotte is the perfect example of what a real Queen City should be.

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