Why Is Charleston Called The Holy City?

Charleston, South Carolina, is a city of charm, beauty, and culture that has attracted visitors and residents for hundreds of years. But the city is known far and wide by a special nickname: “The Holy City.

” With such a name, it’s natural to ask why it received such an honorific. This article takes a look at the unique history and unique amenities that earned it the title of “The Holy City” and discuss why Charleston is so often referred to as such. Come join us on a journey to discover the history, culture, and events that make Charleston, South Carolina, a truly holy city.

Why is Charleston Called The Holy City?

Charleston, South Carolina, is often referred to as “The Holy City”. Have you ever wondered why?

Let’s take a look at the history and traditions to find out why Charleston is known for its holiness.


The nickname “The Holy City” can be traced all the way back to the 1600s, when the city was founded by English settlers.

The most popular belief about the origins of this nickname can be attributed to the fact that Charleston is home to a large number of churches — more than any other city in America.

Religious Influence

The religious influence in the city was also an important factor in its holy reputation. The founders of Charleston were predominantly English Protestants, and they built many churches in the city.

In addition to houses of worship, they also established educational institutions such as the College of Charleston, which was the first college in the city. This helped to solidify the city’s reputation as a religious center.


In addition to its many churches, the city is known for its stunning architecture. The architecture in Charleston is one of the most distinctive in the United States and is heavily influenced by colonial and southern style.

Many of the colonial-style buildings have towers that resemble church spires — another reason why the city became known as “The Holy City”.


Today, the nickname “The Holy City” is still in use and is frequently used by locals and tourists alike. The nickname has also been adopted by businesses and organizations in the city, including the Holy City Brewing Company.

It’s no wonder why Charleston is still known as “The Holy City” — its long and rich history, religious influence, and stunning architecture have all helped to create a unique and special city that continues to this day.

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