Why Is Boxing Called Boxing?

Boxing is an iconic and ancient sport, with records dating all the way back to 3000 BC! It has been used as a form of exercise, entertainment, and even cultural symbolism across the centuries. But why is it called “boxing”?

It’s an interesting question to ask, one with a surprisingly deep and multi-faceted history. In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this age-old question, exploring the origins and evolution of the sport over time.

We’ll dive into the various reasons why it’s called “boxing,” tracing the etymology and fascinating history of the sport along the way. So if you’re as intrigued as we are, keep reading to find out why boxing is called boxing!

Why is boxing called boxing?

Boxing, a contact sport in which two opponents fight by punching each other, is often referred to as “the sweet science of pugilism. ” The name “boxing,” however, has been used for centuries and there are several explanations for why it is called this.

Gladiatorial Origins

The word ‘boxing’ actually has its origins in the gladiatorial ring, with the Latin word buxere meaning ‘to fight’. Many historians believe that this is where the term came from, with boxers in Roman arenas using leather gloves to protect their hands instead of using the traditional trunks.

Bare-Knuckle Fighting

Another explanation for why boxing is called boxing is due to the association of the sport with bare-knuckle fighting that was widespread in Europe during the 16th century. It is believed that using this term was a way to soften the barbaric nature of the fight, helping to differentiate it from the traditional Roman gladiatorial style.

King James I of England

The name may have become more popular when King James I of England put forth the Suggestion of Honor in 162

This edict was intended to regulate the practice of the sport in England, and it is thought that this is when the name “boxing” started to become more widely adopted.

19th Century

The sport reached a new peak of popularity in the 19th century and it was during this time that the term had fully entrenched itself.

It was during this period that many of the boxing rules and regulations were put into place, such as the use of gloves.


In conclusion, while there are several explanations for why the sport is called boxing, it is clear that the name stems from Roman gladiatorial rings.

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