Why Is Batman Called Batman?

From a billion dollar film franchise to numerous comic books and television shows, the mysterious vigilante known as Batman has taken many forms over the decades. But why is he called Batman? With over 80 years of history and a countless number of fans, the answer to this question is a fascinating look into the legacy of one of the world’s most beloved super heroes.

According to research by Statista, Batman has generated over $5 billion in domestic box office sales since 1966, making it one of the highest grossing superhero franchises of all time.

But back to the initial question, why is he called Batman? The answer is as complex as the man himself.

Why is Batman Called Batman?

The question “why is Batman called Batman” is one of the most asked questions of superhero fans. There are many theories and explanations as to why the Dark Knight is called Batman, some of which are quite interesting.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the more popular theories as to why Batman is called Batman and what the name could mean.

History of Batman’s Name

The name Batman was first used as early as 1939, in the first comic book appearance of Bruce Wayne, the original Batman.

The name Batman was chosen by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, who created the character in Detective Comics #2 Bob Kane had always been a fan of pulp heroes, especially the characters that appeared in pulp magazines and detective novels, and it is believed that Kane chose the name Batman because of this.

Kane stated that the name reminded him of both “man” and “bat” and in honour, he chose Batman as the iconic superhero’s name.

Theories Explaining Batman’s Name

Now that we’ve established the history of the name, let’s delve into some of the more popular theories as to why Batman is called Batman.
  • The first theory is that, due to Bruce Wayne’s immense wealth, he was able to afford the most advanced, up-to-date technology and equipment for crime fighting and based on this, he adopted the name, Batman.

    It is believed that the term “bat” is used to refer to the high-tech gadgets and equipment he was able to access with his wealth.

  • The second theory is that Bruce Wayne chose the name Batman to scare his enemies. The name could refer to the fact that Bruce proclaimed himself to be a “bat” in the night, to terrify criminals.

    This theory links to a few of Batman’s catchphrases including “I am the night” and “punish the guilty”.

  • The third theory relates to the folklore of bats being “evil” creatures.

    It is believed that Bruce Wayne chose the name to invoke fear, as bats have long been associated with the supernatural and dark worlds.

  • The fourth theory relates to Bruce Wayne’s tragic past. It is commonly believed that the name Batman is a symbol of Bruce cleansing his father’s name and restoring justice by bringing criminals to justice under the guise of Batman.
  • The fifth theory is that the name Batman was chosen to represent the duality of Bruce Wayne’s personality. He was both a billionaire playboy, and a fierce vigilante.
  • The sixth theory is that the name Batman was chosen as a combination of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ name, Martha and Thomas Wayne.


The true reasoning for the name Batman will probably remain a mystery forever. Regardless, there are many interesting theories as to why the iconic superhero is named this and the name has been synonymous with justice and fear ever since. References:https://www. dccomics. com/characters/batmanhttps://www. ranker. com/list/why-is-batman-called-batman/jacob-sheltonhttps://screenrant. com/batman-name-meaning-origin-story/

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