Why Is Baltimore Called Charm City?

Welcome to Baltimore where you can get a taste of history and an array of unique activities. But why is it called Charm City?

The answer lies in the city’s unique combination of big-city attractions and small-town charm. From its cultural diversity, vibrant waterfronts, and historical sites, Baltimore is much more than just the biggest city in Maryland. It is a city that has a life and personality of its own.

So let’s explore why Baltimore is called Charm City — with some local insight.

What is Charm City?

Charm City is the nickname for the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The name was first used in 1975 by then-Mayor William Donald Schaefer.

The nickname was inspired by the city’s friendly people, history, and culture. Since then, Charm City has become an integral part of Baltimore’s identity.

Why is Baltimore Called Charm City?

There are many reasons why Baltimore is called Charm City. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

Rich Culture and History

Baltimore has a long, rich history and culture.

It was home to famous authors and poets, renowned artists, leading businesspeople, and even a US president. This cultural heritage has been preserved and appreciated by Baltimorean natives, making the city unique and charming.

Friendly People

The people of Baltimore are well-known for their friendliness. Whether it’s helping a stranger in need or offering a smile to a passerby, Baltimoreans make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable. This friendly attitude has made the city even more charming.

Iconic Landmarks

Baltimore is home to many iconic landmarks, including the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, the Inner Harbor, and the Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium. The presence of these iconic landmarks has endowed the city with a charming atmosphere that visitors and locals alike admire.


There’s no doubt that Baltimore has earned the title of Charm City. With its deep culture and history, friendly people, and iconic landmarks, it’s easy to understand why the city is so beloved.

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