Why Is Andrew Chafin Called The Sheriff?

Why is Andrew Chafin called the Sheriff? That’s the question everyone’s asking and in this article, we will explore why the MLB-pitcher has earned himself the title. Over the last few years, Chafin has proved himself to be one of the most reliable pitchers in baseball, with an ERA of

82 and a WHIP of 01 in 2020.

Even more impressive, he allowed a remarkable 0. 98 walks per nine innings, ranking him third amongst all pitchers in the Majors. With these impressive stats, plus his charming personality and signature look, Chafin has rightfully earned himself the title of ‘The Sheriff’.

Why Is Andrew Chafin Called The Sheriff?

Andrew Chafin is one of the most recognizable figures in Major League Baseball (MLB). He has been a starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks since 2015 and has earned the nickname “The Sheriff” throughout his career.

But why does he have this nickname? Let’s explore the story behind the nickname and its origins.

The Origin of “The Sheriff”

Andrew Chafin earned the nickname “The Sheriff” during his tenure with the Arizona Diamondbacks. While it is unclear how the nickname came about, the most likely source is from a catchphrase used by former Diamondbacks broadcaster Joe Garagiola Jr. As the story goes, on one particular occasion, Garagiola exclaimed, “Here comes The Sheriff!

“, as he was introducing Chafin, referring to the fact that he often put away batters quickly and efficiently.

The Meaning of “The Sheriff”

The nickname “The Sheriff” fittingly refers to Chafin’s efficient and effective pitching style.

He is renowned for his ability to shut down the opposition’s batters very quickly. Throughout his time with the Diamondbacks, Chafin has proven to be one of the most reliable pitchers in the league and is known by his teammates as a leader in the clubhouse.


Andrew Chafin has earned the nickname “The Sheriff” due to his straightforward and effective pitching style. He quickly puts away batters and is known to be a reliable leader in the Arizona Diamondbacks clubhouse. This nickname has been used to describe Chafin’s style since his time with the Diamondbacks and is truly a fitting tribute to the pitcher.

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