Why Is An Egg Cream Called An Egg Cream?

It has been 118 years since the classic egg cream was invented and it is still popular in the United States today. But why is the egg cream called an egg cream – after all, it does not actually contain any eggs!

We will explore this question and uncover the truth behind the mysterious egg cream title. With more than one million servings of creamy egg creams being sold in the US every year, it is worth investigating into why this drink is still so popular after all these years!


Egg creams are a sweet and creamy beverage which is popular with ice cream parlors and diners around the US. It gets its claim to fame due to its unique name and its ingredients. An egg cream is comprised of chocolate syrup, milk and seltzer.

They are a classic treat for many people around the US and can be found in many cafeterias and restaurants. But why is an egg cream called an egg cream?

Let’s explore this question and learn more about this sugary sweet beverage.

What’s in an Egg Cream?

Egg creams are mostly a milk and syrup based beverage.

For the milk, usually cow milk is used, but sometimes other milk options such as almond milk and condensed milk might be used. Chocolate syrup is added for flavor and sweetness, then topped off with seltzer for a little fizz and tang.

The final product is a sweet, cold drink, perfect for hot summer days.

What Does the Name “Egg Cream” Mean?

When it comes to the origin of the name, things can get a bit murky. There are many theories as to where the name “egg cream” came from. Some people believe it was derived from the use of eggs and cream in other beverage recipes.

Others claim it comes from the egg-like foam on top of the beverage which is created when the seltzer is added. Others think it’s simply a combination of words meant to evoke an image of a creamy, egg-based drink.

History of Egg Creams

The egg cream as we know it was invented in the late 19th century in New York City. It is a part of the city’s classic soda fountain drinks. Egg creams were – and still are – popular amongst New Yorkers and even those around the country who have adopted it as a favorite beverage.


Egg creams are a classic beverage with a unique, mysterious name. While its origin is not clear, what is known is that it has a long history in the US and is commonly served at ice cream parlors and restaurants. Even if you don’t know the history, you can certainly enjoy this sweet and refreshing drink anytime. Citation URL: https://www. thespruceeats. com/what-is-an-egg-cream-4051875https://www. drinkeatlaugh. com/history/what-is-an-egg-cream/

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