Why Is A Penis Called A Johnson?

Welcome! Instantly curious about why a penis is called a Johnson?

We’ve all heard the term, but where did it come from? It turns out that the term ‘Johnson’ is steeped in both history and social commentary. In fact, the use of the term has tripled in the past decade alone – with an estimated 6 million people saying it in 2020 alone!

Let’s explore the historical and cultural importance of ‘Johnson’ as it relates to the male anatomy.

Why Is A Penis Called A Johnson?

The term ‘Johnson’ is primarily used as a humorous reference to the penis. It is used mostly when someone does not want to use the more accepted terms for the penis, such as dick, manhood, or shaft.

Perhaps one of the most popular uses of the term is in the phrase ‘pulling a Johnson’, which is used to refer to someone ambushing or attacking another person or group.

History Of The Term

The term ‘Johnson’ has a long and varied history.

It is thought to have derived from a Scotsman by the name of Alexander Johnson, who was an ambitious lawyer and clerk of the crown in the early 19th century. While Johnson was originally popularized as a name for a genital organ, it did not become widely used until the early 20th century. It is believed that Johnson was used to describe a large penis, and the term was popularized by suffragettes and other politically active women who had to describe the male body using neutral language.

Modern Usage

Today, the term ‘Johnson’ is primarily used in a humorous manner. It is often invoked in jokes, usually referring to someone who is not particularly well-endowed in the penis department.

Some people even like to use the phrase ‘pulling a Johnson’ when referring to a particularly risky or dangerous situation.


In conclusion, the term ‘Johnson’ is primarily used in a light-hearted or humorous context. It originated from an ambitious lawyer and clerk by the name of Alexander Johnson in the early 19th century and has since become a popular phrase to refer to a penis.

Despite its mostly humorous usage, it is still sometimes used as a serious description of a particularly dangerous situation. Citation:https://en.

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