Why Is A Boy Called Christmas Rated Pg?

Have you ever heard of the movie, ‘Why is a Boy Called Christmas’? Well, it’s not your typical Christmas rom-com. This charming family movie tackles some serious issues and the film makers decided that the movie should be rated PG.

Surprising, considering that the movie is about a young elf who visits the big world to search for his father and figure out why he is named Christmas. Over the course of its two-hour run time, the movie has managed to garner amazing reviews from critics, averaging a score of

9 on IMDb with almost 300,000 votes. In addition, the movie was the sixth most-streamed title on Netflix in 2020.

Quite a feat, considering the wide variety of content released by Netflix that year! But, why is it rated PG? This article will provides all the answers you are looking for.

Why is a Boy Called Christmas Rated PG?

The movie A Boy Called Christmas is rated PG (Parental Guidance suggested).

This rating comes from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and is based on a set of standards for what is suitable for general audiences. Some of the criteria for this rating includes language, themes, violence, and drug use.

The movie A Boy Called Christmas is a fantasy family adventure film directed by Luke Stephenson and released in 2020.

Based on the book of the same name by author Matt Haig, it tells the story of Nikolas, a young boy who finds out about his own magical heritage.


The MPAA has rated A Boy Called Christmas as PG due to its dialogue, which is suitable for all but the youngest viewers. The language used in this movie is mostly light-hearted, but there is a small amount of more adult-oriented banter.


The movie contains a number of themes that are suitable for general audiences. These include family relationships, courage, hope, and the importance of friendship.

The overall tone of the movie is light-hearted and humorous.


The movie does contain some violence, but it is mostly cartoonish and not too intense. The violence is used to advance the plot, but it is mostly very mild and is suitable for younger viewers.

Drug Use

There is no drug use in this movie.


Overall, the movie A Boy Called Christmas is rated PG due to its language, themes, violence, and lack of drug use.

The criteria used are set by the MPAA and are designed to ensure the movie is suitable for general audiences.

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