Why Alcohol Is Called Spirits?

Alcohol, which is commonly referred to as “spirits”, has been around for centuries. From religious ceremonies to recreational activities, it has been a part of our culture for generations.

But why is alcohol called “spirits”? Let’s explore this fascinating topic. Today, nearly 80 million Americans, aged 18 and above, consume alcohol on a regular basis – amounting to an average of 2 drinks per day.

Spirits are the most popular alcoholic beverages, making up a staggering 70% of all alcohol consumed in the United States. All of this begs the question – why is alcohol called “spirits” and what sets it apart from other alcoholic drinks?

Why Alcohol Is Called Spirits?

When it comes to alcohol, you may have heard it referred to as ‘spirits’.

But why? This article will explain why alcohol is often referred to as spirits and will provide an explanation of the various factors that influence this terminology.

What Are Spirits?

In the context of alcoholic beverages, ‘spirits’ referred to any alcoholic beverage made by distilling one or more alcoholic ingredients. This process works by taking a single ingredient with a high alcohol content and boiling it until the alcohol evaporates. Then, after the alcohol has evaporated, the alcohol is condensed and collected into a new form, which can either be consumed directly, or used to create a new alcoholic beverage.

How Do Spirits Differ From Other Types of Alcoholic Beverages?

The biggest difference between spirits and other types of alcoholic beverages is their alcohol content.

Generally, spirits have an alcohol content of at least 30%, while other types of alcoholic beverages can range anywhere from 5-30% ABV.

What Is the History of Spirits?

The history of spirits can be traced back to ancient times, with the first documented references to spirits dating back to 17th century China.

By the 19th century, Europe had become the center for spirit production, with distilled spirits such as gin and vodka becoming popular alcoholic beverages in Europe and North America.

Why is Alcohol Called Spirits?

The term ‘spirits’ is used to refer to alcoholic beverages because it is believed to refer to the fact that these beverages are made by distilling alcohol. While this explanation may not be strictly scientific, it does provide a good explanation for why the term has been used to refer to these beverages.


In conclusion, spirits are alcoholic beverages made by distilling one or more alcoholic ingredients, and have a higher ABV than other types of alcoholic beverages. The term ‘spirits’ is used to refer to these beverages because it is believed to refer to the process of distilling alcohol. Citation URL https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Spirit https://www. thespruceeats. com/what-are-spirits-3511374 https://www. theguardian. com/world/2012/feb/20/spirits-history-sets-pour-booze

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