What Process Is Gma Welding?

GMA (Gas Metal Arc) welding is one of the most popular welding processes around the globe, contributing to an estimated 20-25% of all welding applications. It is also an incredibly versatile technique, used in many industries, from aerospace to shipbuilding.

Not only is GMA welding strong, reliable and durable, it is also cost-effective and efficient. An estimated 4 million tons of GMA welding filler wire were used for welding applications worldwide in 2020, and this figure is predicted to grow to

3 million tons by 2025! So if you’re looking to learn more about what process is GMA welding and why it has become so revered in recent years, read on for more information about this highly efficient welding procedure.

What is GMA Welding?

GMA welding is a process used to join two pieces of metal together. It is also commonly known as “Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)”.

GMA welding involves a continuous process in which a filler material—usually a non-consumed metal rod—is fed through an electrical arc which melts the filler and the two pieces of metal surrounding the rod. The molten puddle created is then cooled and the two pieces of metal are bound together to form a strong bond.

The process requires the use of a shielding gas, usually argon, to protect the weld area and prevent the welding process from being affected by outside elements.

Advantages of GMA Welding

GMA welding is widely used due to its several advantages such as:
  • High weld speeds
  • Smooth and consistent weld qualities
  • High deposition rate
  • Little to no post-weld cleaning
  • Low equipment cost
  • Fewer safety hazards

Applications of GMA Welding

GMA welding is typically used in applications where stainless steel, copper alloys, and aluminum are welded. The process finds its use in a wide range of manufacturing and repair jobs.

Industrial Manufacturing

GMA welding is used in industrial manufacturing applications such as in the steel and aerospace industries. Several products such as steel structures, car parts, and aerospace components are manufactured with the GMA welding process.

Automotive Repair

GMA welding is also commonly used in automotive repair such as in the repair of car oil pans, radiators, and exhaust systems. The strong welds created using this process ensure that repaired parts fit properly and last for a long time.

Pipe Welding

GMA welding is also used in the welding of pipes.

It finds application in construction and repair projects of industrial pipes, food processing and water lines, and welded pipe joints.


GMA welding is a process used to weld two pieces of metal together.

It is cost-effective and offers several advantages over other welding processes. It is used in a wide range of applications including industrial manufacturing, automotive repair, and pipe welding. Citation URL:https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Gas_metal_arc_weldinghttps://www. weldinghub. com/what-gas-metal-arc-weldinghttps://joyce. com/gma-welding

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