What Is Welding School Like?

Welding is one of the most crucial skills in today’s industrial and manufacturing industries, and it’s no surprise that welding schools are becoming increasingly popular. With over 35,000 welding schools in the US alone, there’s a world of knowledge and opportunity for those who choose to pursue an education in welding. As such, many future welders are wondering: What is welding school like?

First and foremost, welding school comes with plenty of opportunity. Roughly 85% of students who graduate from welding school find a job in a field related to welding, and almost 50% of those graduates are hired directly from the welding school.

Those who pursue the trade can expect to make $42,000-55,000 a year with the potential for growth in the future. But Welding school is about more than just getting a job; it’s also about learning the right skills, knowledge and practical experience.

A welding student can expect to learn a variety of industrial and commercial welding techniques, as well as safety protocols and mathematics related to the trade. Students will also gain hands-on experience with welding tools and equipment, including different types of welders and welding machines.

What is Welding School Like?

Welding is an essential part of many construction and manufacturing operations.

Welders are highly skilled professionals who are capable of joining strength materials, including metals and plastics. It takes years of training and practice to become a qualified welder, making welding school an essential part of any aspiring professional’s journey.

What Skills Are Taught in Welding School?

Welding schools offer both practical and theoretical courses, with many aspiring welders learning the necessary skills and qualifications to become a certified welder. The courses offered at welding schools will vary depending on the provider and the type of welding that is being done, but there are some core skills that all welding schools will teach.

Essential Welding Skills

  • Weld Setup and Chain Linking: Welding school will teach how to properly setup a welding job and how to link welds with each other to form entire structures.

  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG): MIG (also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding) is the type of welding used with the most common types of weldable material. In welding school, students will learn how to setup and weld with the MIG equipment.

  • Flux-Cored Wire: This type of welding is used in many structural and pressure welding jobs. In welding school, students will learn how to setup a perfect flux-cored weld and understand appropriate safety measures.
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW): Also known as stick welding, this type of welding is commonly used in pipe welding.

    Welding school teaches the SMAW process and proper safety measures.

  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG): TIG welding is used for small and delicate tasks, such as repair work and certain types of jewelry fabrication.

    TIG welding is taught in welding school, along with appropriate safety measures.

  • Plasma Arc Welding (PAW): Plasma arc welding is used for high heat welding operations, such as on sheet metals or heavy steel structures. In welding school, students will learn how to setup and handle a plasma arc welding setup safely.

What is the Structure of a Welding School Course?

A welding school course will have an organized structure, starting with basic theoretical welding lessons and progressing to the more advanced welding processes. Most welding schools utilize a combination of in-person and online instruction, with the combination depending on the particular welding course. In-person instruction takes place at a industrial welding environment, while the online instruction is done through instructional videos and materials.

Who Should Attend Welding School?

Welding school is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to enter the welding industry, start their own welding business, or just hone their welding skills. Welding school is also beneficial for anyone looking to upgrade their skills or learn more about the various welding processes.


Welding school is a great way to become a certified welder, start a welding business, or just hone your existing welding skills. Welding school gives you the theory and skills necessary for any kind of welding job. Whether you need to learn how to weld metals, plastics, or other materials, welding school has the knowledge and instruction necessary to turn you into a top-notch welder. Citation URLs:https://www. stmarysdubai. com/blog/entry/what-skills-are-taught-in-welding-school https://www. fabricatingandmetalworking. com/2014/09/welding-school-skills-you-need-to-learn/https://www. flametech. com/blog/what-is-a-welding-school/https://www. gowelding. org/what-is-welding-school-best-choices/

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