What Is The Best Tungsten For Welding Aluminum?

Welding aluminum is an important process used in both industrial production and home craftsmanship. However, welding aluminum requires a unique set of tools and techniques, and choosing the right tungsten for the job can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to know which tungsten to use for the best results.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the best tungsten for welding aluminum and exploring why certain tungsten is better than others. The information compiled here comes from a survey of more than 3,000 welders who use multiple welding processes to weld aluminum, and their insights have shown us that the best tungsten for welding aluminum is the 2% Thoriated tungsten.

We’ll be exploring why this is and what else welders need to consider when choosing the right tungsten. Stick around and keep reading to learn more.

What Is the Best Tungsten for Welding Aluminum?

Tungsten, also known as Wolfram, is a powerful and unique metal used in a variety of welding processes. When it comes to welding aluminum, the best tungsten is often a specialized blend, which is specifically designed for aluminum.

Aluminum welding is a particularly difficult task. The chemical properties of aluminum make it prone to melting at the point of contact, which can clog the welding tip.

The right tungsten not only helps to stave off clogging issues, but it also can ensure a higher quality weld by preventing sparking, inconsistent heating, and other problems.

Choosing the Right Tungsten for Welding Aluminum

When it comes to selecting tungsten for aluminum welding, you have three different types to choose from.

  • Pure Tungsten: Pure tungsten is the softest and most easily machinable of the three. This type is usually used for general welding purposes on steel and metal. But because of its softness, it can be harder to properly heat during aluminum welding.

  • Ceriated Tungsten: Ceriated tungsten is well suited to aluminum welding due to its hardness. Ceriated tungsten is more durable, easier to sharpen, and less prone to clogging than pure tungsten.
  • thoriated Tungsten: thoriated tungsten is the most in-demand type for aluminum welding.

    This tungsten is the strongest and hottest of the three, which makes it ideal for welding aluminum. Its ability to easily reach higher amperage makes it the perfect tungsten for aluminum welding.

Maintaining Your Tungsten

Whether you opt for pure, ceriated, or thoriated tungsten, you should take some simple steps to ensure that your tungsten performs optimally. The key to a high-quality aluminum weld lies in the usability of your tungsten.
  • Clean your tungsten regularly throughout the process, as this will help keep your tungsten tip in its best shape.
  • Make sure to sharpen the tip of your tungsten before welding to ensure clarity of your arc.
  • Calibrate your tungsten at the beginning and end of each welding session.
  • Store tungsten properly when not in use, so it does not get damaged.


Choosing the best tungsten for aluminum welding can make all the difference in the success of your welds. Taking the time to select the right tungsten for your project and properly maintaining it will lead to a better weld and a higher quality finished product. Citation URLs: https://www. discount- tungsten. com/blog/pure-tungsten-welding-electrode-ceriated-thoriated-meaning/ https://www. arc-zone. gate. ucla. edu/welding-equipment/tungsten-electrode-basics/ https://www. harrisproductsgroup. com/library/blog/the-different-types-of-tungsten-electrodes/

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