What Is Ofc In Welding?

With the recent advancements in welding technology, the importance of OFC in welding has grown tremendously over the past few years. OFC stands for Oxygen Fuel Cutting in welding and it is a form of cutting using a combination of fuel and oxygen fed through a flame torch.

OFC is a fast, precise and cost-effective method of cutting with the added advantage of being able to cut almost any material. According to research, oxygen fuel cutting is estimated to account for almost half of the total world welding market and is expected to reach a market size of $7 billion by 202

This article provides an overview of OFC in welding and explains its types, advantages, and limitations. Keep reading to learn more!

What is OFC in Welding?

Welding is a process of joining two or more metals together.

It can be done by using heat, pressure, and/or welding materials, such as a filler material. One of the most common types of welding is Oxy-Fuel Cutting, or OFC. It involves burning a fuel/oxygen mixture to cut or weld metal.

Why Oxy-Fuel Cutting?

Oxy-Fuel Cutting is a great way to join pieces of metal, as it is a safe and efficient way of welding. The way that it works is that a fuel, such as acetylene, propane, and natural gas, is mixed with oxygen to create a hot flame.

This flame can then be used to cut through or weld two pieces of metal together. There are some advantages to Oxy-Fuel Cutting, such as it doesn’t require electricity, it is relatively easy to set up and use, it’s cheap, it can be used on a variety of metals, and it’s extremely versatile.

Another advantage is that it creates a very clean cut and can be used for both automated and manual welding.

Safety when Oxy-Fuel Cutting

When carrying out Oxy-Fuel Cutting, it is important that all safety protocols are followed and that the correct protective equipment is worn at all times. It is essential to wear the correct safety gear, including safety glasses, welding helmet, fire-resistant clothing and gloves.

Additionally, the area should be well ventilated and the fuel should be stored away from any heat or sparks.


Oxy-Fuel Cutting is a great way to join two pieces of metal and can be used for both automated and manual welding.

It is important to follow safety protocols and wear the appropriate protective equipment when carrying out Oxy-Fuel Cutting. Citation URL:https://frabato. com/what-is-ofc-in-welding/https://weldinghelmetreviews. org/oxy-fuel-weldinghttps://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Oxy-fuel_welding_and_cutting

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