What Is Cfh In Welding?

Welding is a vital skill for a variety of industries and is an integral part of modern fabrication and manufacturing processes. On average, welding creates more than 28 million jobs worldwide, with 140,000 new jobs becoming available each year.

But what does the term CFH, or cubic feet per hour, mean when it comes to welding? This article will explain what CFH means, why it matters and what are the most common welding applications that require CFH measurements.

What is CFH in Welding?

Welding is a process that involves joining two or more materials such as metals, plastics and ceramics together. The strength of a weld depends on the temperature of the weld and the material used.

CFH stands for cubic feet per hour and it is used as a unit of measure to measure the rate of flow of gases during welding operations.

How to Measure CFH?

CFH is measured with special devices known as flow meters which measure the amount of gas that is used in a welding job. The flow meter is placed close to the gas outlet so that it can measure the flow of gas accurately.

The gas flow is measured in terms of volume of gas per unit of time. The unit of time used is usually one hour.

Application of CFH Measurement

CFH is used in welding to ensure that the correct volume of gas is supplied to the welding torch or welding machine.

Too much or too little gas can affect the quality of the weld. If there is too little gas, it can lead to porosity or incomplete burning of the weld.

On the other hand, too much gas can result in fumes, spatter, contamination, poor weld penetration and poor joint strength.

Importance of CFH in Welding

In order for welds to be successful, it is important for the gas flow rate to be monitored. CFH is an important parameter for welding because it provides information about the rate of flow of the welding gas and helps to ensure that the welding process goes as planned.

It also helps save on costs by helping to make sure that the gas is used efficiently and that any excess gas is not wasted.


CFH is an important unit of measure used in welding to determine the rate of flow of welding gases. Its importance lies in its ability to provide information about the gas flow rate and to ensure that the correct amount of gas is used in welding applications. Monitoring of CFH is therefore essential in order to guarantee quality welds. Citation URL: https://www. theengineerspost. com/what-is-cfh-in-welding/ https://www. esab. com/global/en/knowledge-center/process-pressure. cfm

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