What Is A Welding Link?

Welding is an oft-overlooked field of engineering that many of us might not think about when it comes to building or construction. But it is one of the most critical steps in the process and enables many industries, from automotive to aerospace, to make essential parts and products that go into our everyday lives. So, let us take a closer look at the world of welding and what a welding link is and how it plays a vital role in the technology.

According to the American Welding Society, there are over 600,000 welding technologists active in the United States alone. Not to mention, 61 million metric tons of welded products were produced in the US in 201

With that in mind, let us find out what a welding link is and why is it so important to the welding industry.

What is a Welding Link?

Welding link is a type of welding joint created to join two members of different metals.

It is mostly used to join pipe connections, strip or other material geometrically. Welding link is normally created with either by arc welding or Oxyacetylene welding process. This type of welding joint is widely used in industries such as automotive, aviation, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Benefits of Using Welding Link

The use of welding link offers several advantages which include the following:
  • High Strength: Welding link can provide a strong and permanent joint that is capable of withstanding against various mechanical, thermal and vibrational forces.
  • Preserves the Metal Texture: Welding link preserves the texture and grain structure of the base materials which makes it suitable for applications where aesthetic appearance is important.
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance: Welding link eliminates the chances of corrosion in the joints and provides improved protection against galvanic effects.

  • Cost Effective: Welding links are highly cost-effective and free from maintenance. It also eliminates the need of additional labor or materials.

  • Flexibility: Welding link provides a great flexibility to access locations that are hard to reach otherwise.

Product Varieties Offered in the Market

There are several types of welding link available for purchase in the market. The different varieties offered are as follows:
  • Welding Links with Filler Metals: These links are designed to join two members together using a filler material.

  • Welding Links with Tube: For connection between tubes and other objects, this type of welding link is used.
  • Flexible Welding Link: This welding link can be used to connect two members while allowing movement of one member relative to the other.


Welding link is a type of welding joint used to join two members of different metals. It provides excellent strength, improved corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost. There are several varieties of welding link available in the market, each one suitable for different application. Thus, welding link is an essential component in any welding project. Citations: http://www. k-techwelding. com/what-are-the-benefits-of-using-welding-links/ https://www. motorwelding. com/what-are-welding-links/https://www. unite-uk. com/what-is-a-welding-link/

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