What Is 7018 Welding Rod?

Welding is a critical part of industrial operations, used in everything from aerospace structures to automotive components. One of the most widely used and versatile welding rods is the 7018 welding rod, which is praised for its superior ability to penetrate metal and create a strong, reliable weld.

Given its widespread popularity, 7018 welding rods are the go-to option for many industries. In fact, 7018 rods make up 44% of all welding rods sold in the United States each year. Whether you’re looking for more information about 7018 welding rods or just trying to figure out if they’re suitable for your next project, let’s take a closer look at this amazing welding rod and everything that it can do!

What is 7018 Welding Rod?

Welding rod is a metal-based material used to make welds on metals such as steel and aluminum. 7018 welding rod is a type of stick electrode typically used with an arc welding machine.

It contains a high amount of carbon, and has a low melting point. 7018 welding rod is best suited for welding low carbon steel and is usually used in the field of construction, automotive, and pipeline repair.

Physical Characteristics Of 7018 Welding Rod

7018 welding rods are strong and easy to use due to their physical characteristics. They are tough and crack resistant, and produce good quality welds. The low melting point of 7018 welding rods means it can be used on thicker metal as well as thinner metal.

This makes it an ideal choice for many different welding jobs.

Advantages Of 7018 Welding Rod

The main advantage of 7018 welding rod is that it produces deep penetration welds.

This makes it the perfect choice for thicker materials and for applications that require strong welds with good resistance to stresses and strains. 7018 welding rod is also much easier to use than other types of welding rods, making it a great choice for many different jobs.

Additionally, its low melting point makes it more efficient when dealing with materials such as aluminum and stainless steel.

Disadvantages Of 7018 Welding Rod

The main disadvantage of 7018 welding rod is that it has a low resistance to corrosion. It is also not the best choice for welding thin materials, as it may cause the metal to burn through.

Additionally, 7018 welding rod may not provide the same strength and durability as other types of welding rods.


7018 welding rod is an ideal choice for many different welding jobs because of its low melting point and good penetration. It is tough and crack resistant, and produces good quality welds. However, its low resistance to corrosion and inability to weld thin materials should be kept in mind when choosing a welding rod for any particular job. Citation URLs: https://www. weldingmaterialsales. com/blog/7018-welding-rod-advantages-and-disadvantages/ https://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Welding_rod https://www. welderswire. com/7018-welding-electrode-description-specification-and-uses/

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