What Is Name Of Technology That Heats Up Water In Solar Water Heater?

With climate change and environmental awareness on the rise, solar energy is becoming a more popular energy source. As we strive to use green, sustainable energy sources, more and more people are turning to solar water heaters to heat their water.

But have you ever wondered exactly how solar water heaters work? What technology is used to heat the water? Today, we’re going to take a look at the technology used in solar water heaters, and learn how they heat our water without the need for harmful fossil fuels.

What is name of technology that heats up water in solar water heater?

In today’s age, technological advancement has brought in many solutions for sustainable energy solutions.

Solar energy is one of the most popular renewable energy solutions that is widely used for residential and commercial applications. One of these applications is solar water heaters, and this is achieved using an innovative technology known as Solar Thermo-syphoning.

What is Solar Thermo-syphoning?

Solar Thermo-syphoning is a process that uses the sun’s energy to heat up water. It is also known as solar thermal or solar thermal energy transfer. In this process, the water is placed in a solar collector that absorbs the heat from the sun and then transfers it to the water.

This is done by allowing the heated water to rise and move around a closed loop or system in which the collector and the tank are connected. As the hot water rises, it displaces the cooler water in the tank which then goes back to the collector and is reheated again.

The water is heated up to a certain temperature and then either fed to other appliances directly or stored in a tank for later use. The system then halts the heating process automatically once a certain temperature is reached.

Benefits of Solar Thermo-syphoning

  • It does not require additional energy source; it is powered solely by the sun.

  • It is a very efficient and cost-effective way of heating up water.
  • It is a reliable way of heating up water even when the weather conditions aren’t favourable.

  • It is environment friendly and does not produce any harmful emissions.
  • It can be used in any geographical location irrespective of solar radiation levels and water availability.


Solar Thermo-syphoning is an innovative technology that is widely used to heat up water in solar water heaters. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to heat up water and requires very limited maintenance once installed. It is reliable, environment-friendly and can be implemented in any geographical location without any issue.

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