Step By Step How To Draw A Monkey?

**Step 1:** Start by sketching the basic shape of the monkey’s head with an oval shape. Make sure to leave enough room above the oval to draw the ears. **Step 2:** Draw a smaller oval connected to the top of the first oval that will be the monkey’s nose.

**Step 3:** Sketch two large ovals for the eyes and one small oval for the mouth. **Step 4:** For the ears, draw two small triangles on either side of the head.

**Step 5:** Next, draw the body of the monkey. Start by sketching a large oval for the torso and two smaller ovals for the pelvis and shoulders. **Step 6:** Connect the torso to the head with a curved line.

**Step 7:** Sketch two arms and two legs with lines connecting them to the torso. **Step 8:** Finally, add details like fur and the monkey’s hands, feet, and tail to complete the drawing.

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