How To Spot A Flying Monkey??

A Flying Monkey is a term used to describe someone who is willing to do the bidding of a narcissist by performing malicious acts to manipulate or hurt someone. They are also known as an “agent of the narcissist.

” These individuals may not be aware of their role in the narcissist’s manipulations and may carry out their instructions out of fear or respect. They are loyal to the narcissist and will do whatever it takes to satisfy them regardless of the consequences. Spotting a Flying Monkey is difficult because they often pass themselves off as friends or someone whose loyalty is dependable.

They may even be sympathetic to the victims plight. However, their loyalty lies with the narcissist and they will betray the trust of their victims. It is important to be cautious and aware of any signs of manipulation or betrayal so you can recognize a Flying Monkey when they appear.

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